• Penetrability: These peptides are cell-penetrating peptides (easily passing across cell membranes)
  • Specificity: Highly specific of their target incorporating a “bait” sequence mimicking its interaction with ERK protein
  • Selectivity: By targeting a specific protein downstream the ERK cascade, Pepsignal only acts on one response, hence limiting undesired impacts in other cellular responses and functions
  • No apparent side effect: Highly selective of the affected cellular response, pepsignal limits side effects related to usual treatments. Therefore, targeting selectively c-Fos/ERK or Elk-1/ERK protein interaction may allow achievement of higher level of selectivity or biological response as compared to blocking kinase activity by the ATP competitive inhibitors (solutions largely used and developed by competition and generating huge and deleterious side effects)
  • Efficacy: Pepsignal has shown proves of concept with strong efficacy in various in vitro and in vivo preclinical models of cancer and CNS disorders. Targeting the ERK cascade, which has a well-defined role on cancer or CNS disorders, is an important target in the development of a personalized medicine
  • Size: Our drug candidates are small synthetic peptides (synthesis cost efficiency)

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